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Sun. 13 Oct, 2019

There are no events on this day.

Mon. 14 Oct, 2019

There are no events on this day.

Tue. 15 Oct, 2019

Hispanic Heritage Craft

Tue. 15 Oct, 2019 3:00 pm

Join us in the Children's Department for Hispanic Heritage Crafting.

We will be making

Puff Tissue Paper Flowers


A wonderful gift for yourself, family and friends. With colorful choices, creative design and a afternoon of fun.

Crafting begins at 3:00 pm, and will continue until 4:30 pm.

Wed. 16 Oct, 2019

Peppa Pig and the Halloween Costume: Baby Playtime

Wed. 16 Oct, 2019 10:00 am

Our weekly Baby Playtime starts off normally at 10:00 am.

At 11:00 am, join us at the Library for a nice game of:

Peppa Pig and the Halloween Costume

Followed by Heart Princess Wand .

The fun begins at 10:00 am and will continue until 11:45 am.

Fall Craft

Wed. 16 Oct, 2019 1:00 pm

Page Public Library presents

Teen's & Adult's


Fall Craft

The creativity begins at 1:00 pm until 2:00 pm.

Allow the fall creativity to shine!

S.T.E.M Activity

Wed. 16 Oct, 2019 3:00 pm

Join us at 3:00pm for a S.T.E.M building activity.

Everyone will become a creative thinker with our,

Lego Challenge.

See you there!

Thu. 17 Oct, 2019

Candy Corn Flowers

Thu. 17 Oct, 2019 3:00 pm

The Children's Department presents,

7 70145 candy corn pictures candy corn cute

Candy Corn Flowers!

Come join us in this creative activity.

Crafting starts at 3:00 pm.

See you there!

Fri. 18 Oct, 2019

Homecoming Parade

Fri. 18 Oct, 2019 2:30 pm

Come walk with us at the Page High School for:

page sand devils logo

Homecoming Parade!

The theme for this year is Devil's Steal the Show!

Search for us on South Navajo Dr., beside John C Page Park, at 2:30 pm.

Wear your supporting Page Sand Devil's colors! Parade starts at 3:00 pm!

Let's Go Sand Devil's

Sat. 19 Oct, 2019


Sat. 19 Oct, 2019 11:00 am

Join us at the Library for an afternoon of



Let your creativity show from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm.

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