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The City of Page has three (3) authority boards, six (6) advisory boards, and two (2) commissions.  Appointment to these Boards is made by the City Council. Each board works with and advises City Departments and/or the City Council on related issues. Individuals and groups may present issues to any of the boards as each provides opportunities for public comment at its meetings. Becoming a member of a Board is an excellent way to become active in the decision-making process of City government and offers citizens an opportunity to participate in areas of individual interest. All positions are voluntary and vary in their length of terms and time commitments.

Applicants for the boards must be eighteen (18) years of age or older, or age fourteen (14) for the Youth Advisory Commission, and be a citizen of the United States.  If you are eligible and wish to apply, you need to complete the “City of Page Board Appointment Application.” You may apply for more than one Board; however you may only serve on two boards concurrently.  Submit your application to the City Clerk’s Office at 697 Vista Avenue (P.O. Box 1180), Page, Arizona 86040. Once the City Council has voted and adopted the appointment, each applicant will receive a letter notifying him/her of his/her appointment status. Your application will be kept on file in the City Clerk’s office for one year, and you will be considered for an interim vacancy that may arise during the year. If a vacancy occurs, you will be contacted and asked if you wish to have your application considered for the new vacancy.

Board information and applications are available at Page City Hall, 697 Vista Avenue, and in the City Clerk’s Office, (928) 645-4220. The form is available here: City of Page Board Application.